Curious Adornments: Suicide Bracelets and Rings for Poison, Prevention, or Protection

Here are a few pieces from my collection of unusual jewelry-related articles. I think my favorite headline here is, “Women Wear Poison Rings: Jewelry of Days When Murder Was Fashionable the Fad.” I’d never murder anyone, but I would love to own a poison ring. (I really wanted to write, “I’d kill for a poison ring, but that would’ve been too much, wouldn’t it?)

 from The Washington Times 12 December  1920

The Kennewick Courier 23 June 1905
Willmar Tribune 16 August 1911
The Indianapolis Leader 18 December 1880
Amador Ledger, 17 July 1908

I wish I had been able to find more accounts on bracelets made from the nails used by people who suicided by hanging, but as of yet have been unsuccessful.

Fall City Tribune 3 March 1905
Lafayette Advisor 18 Sept. 1908
The Newport Miner 24 Sept. 1908

The Science Museum of London has more information on the history of the cramp ring as well as an image here.