Revealed In A Dream

I’ve written about dreams before on this blog, specifically dreams about death that seemingly came true. As a skeptic, I don’t know if this phenomena carries “real” meaning or if it’s pure coincidence, but I do know that I’ve had premonitions in my own dreams and coincidence or not, it’s eerie. (But also kind of magical.)

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Because of the poor quality of the text on this article, I’ll transcribe it for you.
“William Craw, a 19-year-old patient in the Bridgeport Hospital, has amazed the surgeons by a mysterious faculty of ‘seeing things’ in dreams before they happen, or about the time they happen. Mrs. Rosa Jepson, a sister of the young man, who is recovering from the loss of a leg in a railroad accident, called on him. His mother died after he was taken to the hospital and his sister feared to break the news.
     ‘Mother had another of those bad spells last night,’ she said.
     ‘Why, mother is dead now,’ said the young man sadly. Then he told of a dream. ‘I knew she was dead last night when I had a dream at 10 o’clock,’ he said. ‘I dreamed that I was in the open air. Suddenly two stars descended. One of them burst open and I saw mother’s face. She smiled, and I felt her fingers running through my hair. She said, ‘Oh, Willie.’ Then I awoke.’
     The boy’s mother died at 10 o’clock, the hour he had the dream.
     Three nights before Craw met with the accident he says he dreamed that he was injured and told his friends at the time.”

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