Man Slashes His Throat After Being Fooled

The Times Dispatch, 5 April 1906
Atlanta Man, Who Had Prank Played By Wife, Attempts to End His Life.
     As the result of brooding over an April Fool joke perpetrated upon him by his wife last Sunday, W.O. Roberts, a business man of Atlanta, slashed his throat with a razor to-day and will probably die. The wife discovered her husband as he was slashing himself with the razor and took the weapon away, receiving a painful cut in the struggle. Mrs. Roberts on Sunday, in a playful mood, told her husband there was a cow in the yard. After learning that he had been fooled, Roberts became morose and sullen, and up until he cut his throat refused to speak with his wife.
     As doctors were stitching Roberts’s throat, he managed to say: ‘I have been a good husband to her for years, and she ought not to have played an April Fool joke on me.'”