Vulgar Valentine Leads to Fatal Shooting (1900)

The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, 14 Feb. 1900
Leads to a Family Quarrel, in Which a Son Fatally Shoots His Father, C.R. Stewart, a Merchant of Charleston.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
     CHARLESTON, W.Va., Feb. 13.-C.R. Stewart, a merchant of this city, was shot to-night and fatally injured, by his nineteen-year-old son, Louis. One bullet penetrated the thigh and the other lodged in the abdomen. The father says a third shot was fired. Stewart had received a vulgar valentine, which he accused his wife of sending. He called her abusive names, and the son interfered. The father ran into another room and closed the door, but the son followed him and shot him again. Stewart ran into the street and fell into the arms of a bystander. The son gave himself up. Stewart and his wife had been at odds for some time.”