Kansas City Journal 30 March 1898
The Mysterious Woman Who Kept Vigil Over His Grave-Nobody Knew Her.
     In an article, ‘At Byron’s Grave,’ in the British Weekly, it is related that many years after Byron’s body had been buried at Hucknall Torkard a stranger came and rented a small cottage-removed some ten years ago-hard by the churchyard.
     Nobody knew her; she lived alone; and we may be sure the gossips of the time had in her a favorite exercise for their tongues. She is described as a thin, handsome lady, who always wore white garments, and from her little window, which commanded an easy view of the chancel, she was often seen by night and day, gazing earnestly at the place where the poet rests, as if keeping a ceaseless vigil over his tomb. She often requested the sexton to bury her when she died close under the wall of Byron’s tomb, and the old sexton says he does not know why he did not carry out her wish, for he might have laid her close to the wall instead of thirty feet away.”