Los Angeles Herald, 30 Jan. 1910
 “Astral Double Gives Count Lots of Trouble
Tryvdar-Burshinsky Is in Habit of Meeting Himself, and Case Arouses Comment
     St. Petersburg, Jan. 29-A strange case of a man being haunted by his own ghost is reported here. The ‘haunted’ is a certain Count Tryvdar-Burshinsky, who states that he has continuously seen his own ‘astral double.’
     He first noticed it in a mirror standing quite close to him. One one occasion, during a ball given by the governor-general of Kieff, the wraith remained in a room close by and ‘seemed much interested in the dancing.’ It was noticed by several guests.
     Cases in which persons have been reported to see their own wraith are by no means unknown, though there is apparently no instance recorded of such persistent haunting as the count’s. Goethe declared that he once met himself at a certain place in a certain dress, and several years later he found himself there in that particular costume.”