Child’s Body Left Near Evergreen Cemetery in a "Rude Box" (1907)

 From the Los Angeles Herald, 5 Dec.1907:

Clothing and General Appearance Indicate Mexican or Italian of Better Class-Found Near Cemetery
     What is believed to be a case of murder was brought to light yesterday morning when the body of a little girl, apparently about 7 years of age, was found just outside Evergreen cemetery, east of Fresno street. An examination of the body showed traces of poison.
    As evidence that the criminal wished to hide his or her identity an improvised casket was used in which to place the remains, the danger of being traced through the purchase of a coffin being evidently realized. The makeshift coffin was an old box, usually found in refuse of groceries. Into this box, which was several inches too short, the remains had been forced.
    The body, according to the police, is that of a Mexican or Italian girl of the upper classes, the clothing and general appearance giving evidence of refinement.
    Giving mute proof of regret, come too late, a number of pink and white flowers were placed around the little form, arranged as if by a loving hand.
    Tracks similar to those made by the wagon of a fruit peddler were found in the vicinity, but all trace of their direction was lost in the well traveled street.
    The body was discovered by Patrolman Fred Arguello, who reported the matter to police headquarters. The body was taken to Pierce Bros.’ undertaking establishment. An autopsy will, it is expected, be held today.”
The next day the following article was published in the same newspaper. The little girl died from a medical condition rather than being poisoned, as the previous article (strongly) suggested. I haven’t been able to find any information about the girl’s identity or whether or not she was buried in Evergreen.