The Window-Breaking, Crazy-Drunk Soiled Dove of Salem

The Daily Journal [Salem, OR] 12 June 1900
Smashes Plate Glass Windows and is Sent to the Asylum.
    The large plate show window in the store occupied by the Misses Goode as a millinery room was broken to pieces this morning. One of the girls from the tenderloin district known as Pauline Phillips became crazy drunk over night and going up Commercial street she came to the above named place. Stepping out to the street she picked up a stone about the size of a hen egg and threw it against the glass, breaking a small sized hole. Not being satisfied she struck the window a blow with her fist and completely destroyed it. Officer Smith arrived upon the scene and finding that she was badly cut about the wrist and was becoming weak from loss of blood, took her to the Salem Hospital, where Dr. Shaw was called in and the wound sewed up. The window which was a large one ‘5-1/2 by 8 feet’ can not be replaced for less than $50. From the amount of blood spilled upon the side walk and stairway one would think a good sized battle had taken place in that part of the city.
     Later Pauline Phillips was committed to the asylum for insane at about 9:40 this forenoon by County Judge Terrell. She is a inveterate  drunkard and has been making her home with Mrs. McGinis on Ferry Street.”