Man Drinks Nitro-Glycerin, Explodes While Thawing

San Francisco Call 4 Feb. 1905


     ST. PAUL, Minn., Feb. 3.- Peter Eberhart is supposed to be the name of a farmhand who yesterday drank a small bottle of nitro-glycerin on a wager, froze to death while walking home and to-day exploded when efforts were made to thaw him out.

Peter worked for Claude Argonvale near Wheatley, Minn., and while in the village yesterday got drunk with the Town Marshal, who showed him a bottle of nitro-glycerin, saying it was taken from a bank robber. Peter bet that he could drink the contents and never feel the injurious effects. He drank the nitro-glycerin and started for home.Whether from
the explosive, whisky or intense cold, he failed to get home, and this morning was found by the roadside frozen to death. The body, which was badly distorted, was up and hauled to the Argonvale home, where Peter’s late boss undertook to thaw him out so that the body might be placed in a coffin and properly composed. While the body was left in an outbuilding by the stove, in which was a roaring fire, the nitro-glycerin exploded. The building was completely wrecked, and one button, a boot heel and a piece of a watch chain were all that was found of Peter.”