Anyone who knows me understands the complex relationship I have with my dreams and my desire to decode them.

So what does it all mean? I don’t know. The beauty of this post is that I don’t want to explain anything or support any kind of theory. I’m just going to share reported accounts of death dreams that allegedly came true and you can draw your own conclusions.

The Evening World [NY] 17 Dec. 1902

“Prophetic Dreams” provides a brief introduction to the topic. It suggested that the medical community’s position was that dreams were merely products of the memory with no oracular capability despite the number of people who claimed to have had death dreams that came true.
It ended with, “A doctor so disposed might estimate just how great a pressure on the pneumogastric nerve was necessary to cause these dreams of death-just how much the stomach was distended beyond its normal proportions at the time. Yet in this as in some other lines of speculation he would find the popular mind disinclined to credit him.” (Indigestion and/or disturbances along the path of the vagus nerve were often blamed for nightmares.)

The Forest Republican 19 June 1912

This first clipping isn’t so much a prophecy as it is a story about a man so troubled by a recurring death dream that he slit his own throat.

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