Stomach Frogs

The Tucamari News, 5 Aug. 1915

I’m no doctor but it doesn’t seem realistic that a frog could survive inside of a person’s stomach, but these clippings from historic newspapers suggest that living frogs have been found inside of people on several occasions. Whether they’re fact-based or total fiction, they’re at least interesting to read.

The Tucumcari News in New Mexico printed “Frog In Baby’s Stomach,” an article about a Chicago infant who allegedly swallowed a tadpole. That tadpole lived off of ingested milk and developed into a full-grown frog before surgical removal.

Mrs. Wolf, the mother, gave the baby water from a hydrant, after which the child became ill. Even though there was flesh lost, the infant was treated for indigestion. When that didn’t ease the child’s discomfort, an X-ray revealed a dark spot on the stomach. Doctors were shocked during surgery when a frog weighing more than half a pound was pulled from the baby. Their best guess was that the hydrant water contained a tadpole, which took nourishment from milk in the child’s stomach.

The baby died after the operation from pneumonia. 

Lincoln County Leader [OR] 20 Sept. 1912
Lincoln County Leader [OR] 20 Sept. 1912

After reading the previous article, I searched for similar accounts ran across another one. This article claimed that a woman had a living, clawing frog inside of her for almost a year.

After “reducing her to a living skeleton” doctors pumped out the creature which survived for a few minutes before dying. It was then kept in a jar of alcohol. The lady had supposedly swallowed a tadpole in water drawn from her well.

Juniata Sentinel [PA] 19 June 1867 frogs
Juniata Sentinel [PA] 19 June 1867

An older account from Terre Haute, Indiana involved a teenage girl whose abdominal area seemed to be the source of a loud croaking sound. After some swooning a surgeon pulled a green frog almost four inches in length from her stomach.

Because I know you’re jumping at the chance to read more Tales from the Croak Side, here are a few similar stories.

The Brownsville Daily Herald [TX]  12 July 1906
The Brownsville Daily Herald [TX]  12 July 1906
The Bemidji Daily Pioneer [Minn.] 7 Sept. 1909
Palestine Daily Herald [TX] 10 Sept. 1903


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