"Ghost Hates Onions" (1901)

The Minneapolis Journal 23 Feb. 1901

Sometimes stories about the supernatural have a humorous spin, like this one about an alleged ghost in Middletown, New York who loathes the scent of onions. Unfortunately for this spirit, he, she, or it is trapped in a dwelling surrounded by onion growers. Normally the house is vacant, but in 1901 someone decided to rent the ghost’s abode to store-you guessed it-onions.

It Even Unties the Sacks and Empties the Onions on the Invaders of Its Peace
New York Sun Special Services
     Middletown, N.Y., Feb. 23-A strenuous ghost that abhors the smell of onions is in full possession of a house in a little settlement of Polish onion growers near Orange Farm, Orange County. The haunted house stands in the center of the village and has been shunned by all for years.
     A.J. Plummer, representing a commission house on Pearl Street, New York, came to Orange Farm a few days ago and bought a quantity of onions. He leased the empty house and directed his employees to store part of the onions in the loft, which is reached by a ladder.
   The men passed up a dozen sacks and were leaving the house, when the sacks all came tumbling to the floor below. They searched the loft; no one was there. Mr. Plummer then took a hand and himself placed six sacks in the loft. In a moment they were all thrown down. Again he placed three sacks in the loft.
     This time the ghost was mad, and untying the sacks, dumped the loose onions on Mr. Plummer’s head, pushed him off the ladder and threw it down on top of him.”