Nippy Lobster Gets Its Revenge; Kills Chef

The Minneapolis Journal [Minnesota] 21 Jan. 1905
New York Sun Special Service.
     New York, Jan. 21-Otto Zimmerman, a chef at Pabst’s Circle restaurant, is dead from being pinched by a lobster.
     Otto was an artist in preparing broiled live lobsters. Many hundred crustaceans went thru his hands into the spit, green, fighting, and raw. They nipped him many a time. This was a small matter to Otto.
     But a week ago Wednesday one particularly active lobster caught his thumb and pinched it till the blood came.
     The next day the chef had a pain in his arm and several days later it swelled. He suffered so much he could not work and called a doctor. The doctor found blood poisoning. Otto died two days ago. The board of health refused the death certificates and ordered an autopsy. The autopsy, performed today by Dr. Curtin, revealed that the lobster chef had been killed by a lobster.”
So while Otto wasn’t actually murdered by a B-movie-styled giant lobster, his death was attributed to a condition that developed after he’d been pinched by one while broiling them for Pabst’s hungry customers.