Piano: The Instrument of Death

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The Minneapolis Journal, 12 Jan. 1901
The Evening World [NY] 3 Sept. 1903

Because the text in “Piano Fell Upon And Killed Man” is difficult to read, I’ll transcribe it for you.
     “Smith Adams, thirty-three years old, of No. 172 Sumter street, was killed this afternoon while carrying a piano downstairs at No. 540 Fulton street, Brooklyn.
     Adams was assisted by only one man and was carrying the greater part of the burden when his foot slipped and the full weight of instrument fell upon him. His skull was crushed between the piano and one of the steps of the stairway. He died before an ambulance arrived.
     In the early part of September there is a rush all over Greater New York for piano-movers. So great is the demand that many concerns have to shorten the moving crews, and where the work is usually done by four men, a mover in September is lucky to have one assistant. The ordinary piano weighs from 500 to 1,000 pounds.”

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