Reclusive Woman and Cocker Spaniel Buried Together

The Stars & Stripes, 24 Nov. 1954

Some people prefer the company of animals over humans in life and as in the case of Florence Meldrum, in death as well.

Dog, Mistress Get Double Funeral
     FALMOUTH, ENGLAND, Nov. 23 (UP)
A wealthy recluse who loved her dog so much she kept its body in a lead-lined coffin in her home for six years after it died, got her wish today when dog and mistress were buried together in a double funeral in this Cornish town.
     Two hearses carried the coffins to the churchyard-one containing the body of 77-year-old Mrs. Florence Meldrum, who died last week, and the other the remains of her cocker spaniel, Jim, who died in 1948.
     Neighbors said Mrs. Meldrum had stipulated in her will that Jim, who lay in a satin-lined coffin in her Victorian home for six years after his death, should be buried at the same time as she.”