Witch Detective Makes Thieves Nervous

If only the supernatural forces could be used to solve crimes, the world might be a safer place.

Law Invoked to Keep Woman From Supernatural Detective Work.
     Once or twice a year some extraordinary piece of evidence finds its way into the papers of the survival of the most primitive forms of witchcraft, and of the belief is the same, in parts of Ireland.
     As a rule these cases transpire when the law is broken by persons ill-treating the supposed witch, as when last year an unfortunate woman was held on the fire to drive an evil spirit out of her.
Muskogee Cimeter, Muskogee, Indian Territory,  OK, 1/5/1905
     But the last few days have shown a novel case, in which the protection of the law was invoked to protect certain persons against a witch.
     An old Irish peasant woman had suffered from the theft of a small sum of money. Being unable to discover the thief or thieves, she had made a straw image, dressed it up, stuck it full of pins, and placed it on a bier and proceeded to hold a ‘wake’ or funeral party over it. She then declared that her intention was to bury this image, with suitable invocations, with the certain result that as the straw of which it was made decayed away so would the body of the thief waste and dwindle.
     Certain of the neighbors (possibly with guilty consciences) asked that the police might stop this experiment in witchcraft, as it gave them great uneasiness.”