The Spirits Want Your Mother to Marry a Cowboy

I’ve heard people use some pretty far-out excuses for their bad behavior, but this article from 1933 about a teenager killing her father because spirits told her to via the ouija board takes the cake. I found this clipping in the December 27, 1933 edition of the Danville Bee, but the bizarre events actually unfolded in Arizona.

Girl Kills Father So Her Mother Can Marry Another

15-Year Daughter Shoots Down Parent Because Ouija Board Told Her to Do It, She Says

     SAN DIEGO, Calif., Dec. 27- (AP)- Ernest J. Turley, 46, retired naval officer, died in the Naval hospital here yesterday from gunshot wounds inflicted by his daughter, Mattie, 15.
     Authorities at St. John’s, Ariz., the Turleys home, said the girl asserted she shot her father.
    Turley was wounded last Thursday in his home and was rushed here in an airplane.
     The daughter testified in an Arizona juvenile court that in an ouija board seance with her mother the board told her to kill her father so her mother, Mrs. Dorothia [illegible] Turley, ‘could marry a young cowboy.’
     At St. John’s, Judge Lewis S. Wall, of the Apache county superior court, after hearing arguments of opposing counsel, tonight took under advisement a petition, or a writ of habeus corpus brought by Mrs. Turley, held as an accessory in the shooting. 
     Judge Udall indicated he might rule on the petition Thursday.
     Mrs. Turley was bound over to superior court under $5,000 bond following a hearing before Frank Whitting, justice of the peace. Later she was released on her own recognizance.
     Mattie, who at her mother’s preliminary hearing told of the alleged ouija board seance and said her mother told her the ‘board could not be denied,’ pleaded guilty in juvenile court to a charge of attempted murder.
     Judge Udall has under advisement the county attorney’s recommendation she went to the State Industrial School for Girls for six years. He has indicated he will not pronounce sentence upon the girl until the case against her mother is settled.”