Study the Lost Occult Arts of Antiquity (1896)

The San Francisco Call, June 7, 1896
A College for the Study of Occultism.
     Ernest T. Hargrove, president of the Theosophical Society in America, has also spoken on the subject of the proposed college for the revival of the lost occult arts of antiquity, and in an interview the other day declared his intention of visiting the site of the proposed institution upon his return from a tour around the world. About the college in particular, Mr. Hargrove said:
     The statement made by Mr. Wright, pointing in to the opening of a school for the revival of the old mysteries I know to be true, and it only needs time to bring it to a fruition. The time has come and nothing in nature can prevent its accomplishment and not that the old souls are coming back it is absolutely necessary to have this school.
     Look at the past and see Egypt, its rise and fall; the decay of other empires; see some of the European countries on the verge of crumbling, and then turn to America in the heyday of its youth, it has not yet reached its turning point, but in the next few years we may expect a big development. The future of this country is a great one, and I look to this country as the nucleus of a race which is to follow the present race, when man will have reached the universal brotherhood.
     It was announced that no money would be taken in exchange for teaching in the school, the tuition in which would be absolutely free and for those only who were ‘duly and truly prepared.’ About $35,000 in cash has been contributed already.”
This August 30, 1896 article, also from The San Francisco Call, gives a few more details about the “School for the Revival of the Lost Mysteries of Antiquity”. Mr. Hargrove and the Society’s corresponding secretary, Mrs. Tingley, were two theosophists mentioned who took part in a global tour to spread their message. Photos of Mrs. Tingley and the Cornerstone Ceremony for this college of occultism are just a mouse click away.