This article was found in The Muskogee Cimeter out of Oklahoma in its December 22, 1904 issue.

Skeleton His Cycle Companion
M. Feodor Kalmuikoff, a rich resident of Tomsk, Russia, recently appeared in court on the extraordinary charge of stealing a skeleton from Tomsk university. Residents on the outskirts were astonished to see M. Kalmuikoff, mounted on a tricycle, with a complete skeleton perched on the saddle behind him. On the fleshless skull hung a Parisian picture hat. The millionaire’s face was grave and he paid no attention to the mob ow howling street boys who ran after him. On the police being appealed to stop this indecent sight, they replied that there was nothing illegal in displaying affections for skeletons. Several women fainted, but the freak cyclist and his grisly companion rode on, and before they were stopped had completed seven circuits of the town. Half a mile from the finish the attitude of the police changed, and constables pursued the machine, shouting, “Stop, thief!” The cyclist, however, spurted, and, skeleton and all, ran over a stout policeman who tried to bar his path. It transpired that M. Kalmuikoff had made a bet that he would ride around Tomsk seven times accompanied by a skeleton, and had bribed a servant at the university to steal the skeleton.”